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Suggested Subject Line: Help Restore Sanity to our Politics

Citizens for a Sane Arizona

Arizona is bigger and better than Russell Pearce. He is a bully with a twisted vision for Arizona that betrays our wonderful history and jeopardizes the future we want for our children. Thankfully for this wonderful place, we can help make certain our future is worthy of our past.

You can see what Russell Pearce is doing to us. He is purposefully dividing our state and exploiting the division for his own selfish interests. He is killing our economy. He has turned Arizona into a punchline.

As a result of his divisive actions, out-of-state national groups with an extremist anti-immigration and radical agenda have poured a fortune into keeping him in office.

We need your help to prevent this. We ask you to

1. forward this email to EVERYONE on your list TODAY. To have a chance to compete with Pearce’s big money supporters, we have to go VIRAL; for that we need your help.
2. signup at our website ( to keep in touch with us, to volunteer your help, or to donate.

Not convinced? Please consider the following:

Russell Pearce claims to be the very face of “The Rule of Law”. Yet, he:

• Made it easier for his friends to DRIVE DRUNK by deleting DUI offenses from Arizona?s Motor Vehicle records. He RESIGNED his state job TO AVOID CRIMINAL PROSECUTION.

Rule of Law test: FAILED

•Took more than $40,000 worth of BRIBES from the Fiesta Bowl in the form of luxury travel, luxury hotels, and luxury football boxes.

Rule of Law test: FAILED

•VOUCHED FOR the character, in writing, of a local NEO-NAZI.

Rule of Law test: FAILED

•Engaged in DOMESTIC VIOLENCE against both his wives.

Rule of Law test: FAILED

•Was the first to DEFEND AND SUPPORT Sen. Scott Bundgaard who shamefully ABUSED HIS GIRLFRIEND in front of witnesses.

Rule of Law test: FAILED

Ask yourself this: Do you know ANYONE who favors open and unsafe borders? Do you know ANYONE who thinks it's O.K. for people to enter this country illegally? Of course not. But those who want to challenge the smallest detail of his thinking are labeled "Left-wing, open-border anarchists who do not support the Rule of Law".


If the test for voters is supporting "The Rule of Law", Russell Pearce loses.

And should.

A recall election is a serious matter. No question. But in THIS case, it is also a rare and immediate opportunity to restore civility and sanity to the State that produced leaders like Barry Goldwater, John Rhodes, Sandra Day O'Connor, William Rehnquist, Bruce Babbitt, Mo Udall, John McCain, Ernest McFarland, Stan Turley, Burton Barr, there are so many.

These are men and women who, every single day, earned the right to put the word "Honorable" in front of their name.

We need a lot more like them, and one less Russell Pearce.

My friends, to save yourself from drowning -- sometimes you really DO need to change horses in mid-stream.

It's time to change horses.

Those of us who have lived here a long time and love Arizona need your help -- and quickly.

Please go to and help make Arizona proud again.

“Citizens for a Sane Arizona” is a registered Arizona nonprofit organization. Contributions in any amount are permitted and appreciated. Since we engage in political advocacy, however, contributions are not tax-deductible.