Post SB1070 Extremist Agenda

SB 1070 was to be only the start for Russell Pearce. After passage of SB1070, he set about to get a series of bills so extreme that they were rejected by even his conservative legislative colleagues, the very same people who had just passed SB1070.

What were these bills? Among these were bills that would:

• Prohibit public officials from using any language other than English in any official communication (ignoring the free speech rights of elected officials). SCR 1035

• Strip children of undocumented migrants of citizenship, an established feature of our Constitution since the 14th amendment became law over 150 years ago. (SB1308/HB 2562, SB 1309/HB2561)

• Create two classes of birth certificates based on birth status. SB1308/HB2562)

• Require hospitals, even in emergency cases, to confirm citizenship of those without health insurance documentation. SB1405

• Require school districts to collect citizenship information, which would likely intimidate even some legal citizen children of immigrants from attending school. SB1407

• Practically mandate racial profiling by requiring proof of citizenship for drivers licenses, auto registration, school attendance, accessing federal benefits (even those benefits that the federal government does not require such proof), and penalize state and local employees who fail to report violations of federal immigration law. The latter requirement would put school teachers, nurses, and others in legal jeopardy if someone were to claim that they had knowledge of an illegal immigrant. SB1611

• Not only prohibit undocumented people from using public housing, but would require that CITIZENS be evicted from a dwelling unit if any resident allows an undocumented resident to live there. It would also restrict who can provide citizenship documentation. SB1222.

More details about these bills are on our website,

These bills are the obsession of a one-issue zealot, not someone who has broad concerns about the future of our state.

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